Australia Web Design SEO Digital Marketing Best 5 techniques to transform your internet presence to dominate Google Search

Australia Web Design SEO Digital Marketing Best 5 techniques to transform your internet presence to dominate Google Search Australia Web Design has been neglected by most small businesses in favor of using Facebook amd other Social media as they are very easy to use.

However, this approach to digital marketing has many flaws:

Not indexable by Google, so no one can find you by search.

FB posts disappear from feeds in a short amount of time, so potential customers find it hard to return to an item they are interested to buy.

There are many good things about social media but it is not something to try and use as the foundation of your business.

Australia Web Design is undergoing a revival now as the economy recovers. This is the time to get ahead of your competitors. If you rest, they will not.

This website has a comprehensive guide to how you can dominate your market with Google My Business as a first step

The guide is set out to exploit the low hanging fruit opportunities  that will give you fast results.


Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is FREE !

Google Business Profile is something you can do yourself, that can get you into the “3-pack” of the first businesses to appear at the top of Google search results AND on Google Maps!

Google Business Profile is very good even if you have no website,

70% of well educated people in the middle class consult Google when triyng to buy a hard to find item.

Google Business Profile is like a simple website- you can list products and services for sale there, accept messages and lots of other features. It will definitely help your website if you have one.

Google Business Profile is the best and most important presence you can have online.

If you are a confident computer user go here to sign up for Google Business Profile right away!

For a step-by-step guide to sign up and configure Google My Business Page, visit this page

Social Media is fantastic for traffic!

Shown here is a graph of less than 10 blog posts over a few days.

The key is to make the blog post first on your website, index on Facebook using the FB Debugger, then post that url to FB groups and pages that have a demographic that suits your product.

If you say a few words to pique interest in the post before the url it could go viral.

There is a full explanation of how to make your Social Media posts go viral here.

It is a really great way to get website traffic to a targeted demographic.  If you do not have a Facebook Business page- go make one now!

Australia Web Design SEO

Australia Web Design SEO has to be Multi- Lingual like this very site, the language switcher is on the menu.

40% of all websites are WordPress, many of them also using the WooCommerce module for E-commerce.

Can you build a wordpress website yourself? Definitely!

You could do any number of things by yourself and some people do produce attractive websites, then they usually have to hire an SEO to make their site rank in search. Better if done right from the start. Altogether it is very complex work.

Over 90% of websites get no search traffic at all, but they look pretty.

Viewers respond to an attractive site as the first order consideration.

If it is slow they do not wait, and they will not see it in Search anyway – disqualified by Google for slow speed.

The 10% of sites that do get traffic often pay per click in advertising.

It is vastly preferable to make your site findable in organic search by using correct architecture when building it. Ad free traffic is the goal at no recurring cost.

Mobile First SEO Architecture

Mastering Mobile First SEO: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses Worldwide

Now people are glued to their smartphones. Over half of all web traffic  originates from mobile devices. This dramatic shift presents a critical question for businesses: are you reaching your audience where they are?

This is where Mobile-First SEO comes in. It’s an SEO strategy that prioritizes optimizing your website for mobile users, ensuring a seamless experience and boosting your search ranking.

Measure your site with Google Analytics and Search Console

Unless you can measure your traffic, you are practically Blind

There is a page of SEO Tools and Plugins here that you will need to help if you want to do SEO yourself.

If you want to know whether a site is any good:

Page Speed Insights is a good tool to see if the site is fast on Mobiles and Desktops. it takes a few minutes to process so be patient.

Rankmath has a great SEO analyzer

It is fun to run a scan on web designers to check their claims!

If you were thinking of using Shopify You should know some things.

Shopify vs WordPress

Wix and Squarespace are even more afflicted.

I will not use any of them as a designer.

I am James Dumar, working in this field since 1998. Learn more about me here and see some of my recent Australia Web Design SEO  work here.